Friday, 25 October 2019


Fortnite and Beyblade Freak.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

My Grandfather

My grandfather 

I look up to you in everything I do, Your support peps me up in life,I look up to you for
everything, even in my hard days You inspire me in every way,You motivate me to have
my say,

Grandpa you are the best, and i love than the rest,I love you granddad,Stay blessed

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Report On My life 2018

I am 9 years old.

I live with my three brothers,Jaydyn,Quros and Treymane.I live in Glen Innes.

I wear Nike clothes, in Fashion to look cool in style I wear Nike pants and a hat and the shoes that have  the tick on it.

I enjoy playing with my family when I am bored or just go on my laptop and watch YouTube

My hopes and dreams is to have four kids and move to Rotorua and spoil my kids.

Everyone likes to go to school and learn to achieve the dreams and goals.I am 9 years old.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Albia vs Amba

Before dinosaurs were extinct   there was a village in the South Island t
hat people wanted to destroy the village of Albia  and one village want
to take there land for themself.The king of Albia was John.The king said
“There must be stopped from attacking our village because we have children.
The other Island was going to attack the village because there had a small area
that Albia have a big Island.

When it was  night everyone one was asleep except the king John.
John was noticing two  helicopter flying around the village and it looked
liked army helicopter, then he woke everyone up to pack their clothes  
and go to safety.The helicopter dropped nuclear bomb and there killed 201
people on  Albia,Albia Army came out to attack the other Island,the Island
was could Amba.Albia came  with tanks and weapons,there was loud bang!
From the Nuclear bomb.

At last the war was over between Amba, Albia won the fight,the village
wasn’t taken by Amba but it was all destroy all house was burnt down by
Amba so they went and bought wood,nails,hammer so they could build new house
everyone helped building the house.

It was going so so fine until Amba came along and smashed, our village
and houses it was all burnt down there wasn’t that  much people because of the
nuclear bomb,but was ok so everyone in the village started to make new houses for
them self.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Grandpa's Photo Album.

Joe's Grandpa bought a new computer and he Photo shop,Photos to think that Joe meet famous people like that he climbed Mount Everest, with Sir Edmund Hillary and he said that he was an All Black player from a test match in 1956.
Joe's Grandpa said he was in the 1992 cricket match,Joe caught him that he had the same clothes when he was in the All Black Photo they had the striped in the same  clothes on.Grandpa said "You are right i will fix it". Then Grandpa fix it on photo shop

Monday, 3 September 2018

Road Safety.

 My friends and I Sebastian,Hone and Sonny.Did this poster because we want you to be safe around the road and sneaky driveways. and always put on your belt when you get in the car.When you see your mum or dad on the phone tell them to get off the phone and stay focus on the road.Always walk with a parent when you cross the road and look left and right before you cross,You can cross the road by yourself when you are 10 or   over.